Rings as Symbols

Rings as Symbols

St Patrick’s Day is showing up soon. When I lived in Southie I used to celebrate by going to Bette’s Roll Royce near Faneuil Hall. Great music and a great space -  very comfortable and affordable circa late 70’s.  So to celebrate a festive day here are some rings featuring symbols of love, friendship and loyalty..

turquoise and other gem pewter rings

The Claddagh ring with hands holding a heart with the crown symbolizing loyalty comes in a variety of sizes and a variety of stones ….

The Celtic band is often used as a wedding band with traditional knots expressing love, rebirth, happiness,eternity..

Rings have been a way to express love, unity and friendship since around 5000 BC to  2500 BC… 

The Egyptians created rings for their significant other made out of reeds or hemp instead of gold or silver metal. Egyptians placed their hemp or reed rings on the fourth finger of the left hand which was believed to be the “vein of love” that ran from that finger to the heart.

The Egyptians also buried their loved ones with rings or seal rings  and these “seal rings” have been found in their tombs. These seals rings were also used to identify documents … 

The image reflects on sterling silver rings that may often be used as  a symbol of love and or friendship.  Rings reflect on a variety of cultures and how they may all look and feel different but all reflect on the love they have for others, as love is universal.

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