About SpiritbeadNW

SpiritbeadNW began under a tent as an outdoor local vendor nearly twenty years ago located in the central plaza of old town Eureka, a northern California cruise ship destination, selling vintage jewelry and rings from around the world to tourists and local shoppers looking for unique, one-of-a-kind special gifts for friends and family. SpiritbeadNW has specialized in buying vintage sterling silver rings, Native American, traditional Navajo and Zuni rings, wedding bands, claddagh and animal rings, men’s biker bands and spinners, sterling silver poison rings, thumb bands, pinky, spoon and Art Deco rings - for men, women and children. Since then, we have transitioned to selling exclusively online with the same unbeatable prices and  a beautiful collection decades old.

Whether you are searching to gift yourself, a special friend or relative, take your time and search the thousands of rings, pendants, earrings and lockets to find that special one of a kind treasure. New items arrive daily. Finding your own one of a kind treasure is a celebration. Enjoy the discovery of a special piece of wearable art that will always serve as a way to express yourself. If there is something that you are especially looking for and can’t find it, just drop us a line at silvercity925@hotmail.com.