Sterling Silver unless stated otherwise in the description

  • Ice test -

    Ice will melt faster on sterling silver than on other metals due to a higher thermal conductivity.
  • Cloth test -

    Rub the metal with a polishing cloth & there will be a black mark left on the cloth.
  • Magnet test -

    Put the ring near a magnet and there should not be any attraction or pull - if the ring sticks it is not sterling silver
  • Bring it to a Jeweler for an acid test

Silver turns black when in the air as it reacts with sulfur compounds such as hydrogen sulfide. The darkening of the silver is called tarnishing. The black substance formed is silver sulfide. Some people prefer the tarnished look which is called the patina and others prefer the polished look of shiny silver.

No… copper often does that, generally not with sterling silver and not with most people. Yet, with that said, sterling silver may cause a green ring depending on the individual, just usually does not.

Yes, the ring comes in a gift box along with a ring sizer and a mini polishing cloth.

Use a polishing cloth to shine the silver up which is included in your order.

A jeweler can resize sterling silver rings.

Yes. Real stones are cold to the touch & Plastic is warm to the touch. Stones feel slippery especially when wet, plastic feels oily/greasy and not slippery when wet. Stones are heavy, Plastic is light.

Yes, (will go to all those shipping destinations that are allowed- I say that since as of July 1 2022, I cant ship to Germany w/o the LUCID form being registered with Germany... am working on it)

Yes for purchases in USA.

I do a $5.00 refund to help towards the shipping cost on international orders.

Yes, for orders over $200 the store pays for shipping, under $200 the store refunds the buyer $5.00 towards the priority shipping upgrade.

Always accepted for a full refund within 60 days. No reason needed. Store provides a free return shipping label for all jewelry items.

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Ring sizes are the same for men & women