The Journey of SpiritbeadNW: From Local Vendor to Online Jewelry Store

The Journey of SpiritbeadNW: From Local Vendor to Online Jewelry Store

In the bustling central plaza of old town Eureka, a northern California cruise ship destination, a unique jewelry vendor named SpiritbeadNW began its journey nearly two decades ago. From a humble tent, SpiritbeadNW has evolved into a renowned online store, offering customers an array of vintage and handcrafted jewelry worldwide. This blog post will delve into the inspiring journey of SpiritbeadNW, tracing its evolution from a local vendor to a popular online jewelry store.

The Early Days

SpiritbeadNW's story began under a tent, where it sold vintage jewelry and rings from around the world to tourists and local shoppers. The goal was simple: to provide unique, one-of-a-kind special gifts for friends and family. The company quickly gained a reputation for its diverse collection and unbeatable prices, attracting a loyal customer base that appreciated the quality and spirit of its offerings. During this time, SpiritbeadNW became a beloved fixture in the local community, known for its unique offerings and friendly service.

Transition to the Digital World

SpiritbeadNW recognized the opportunity to reach a broader audience as the world became more digital. The company transitioned to selling exclusively online, maintaining its commitment to unbeatable prices while expanding its reach. This move allowed SpiritbeadNW to continue serving its loyal customers while welcoming new ones from around the globe. The transition was challenging, but SpiritbeadNW navigated them with determination and a commitment to its customers.

The SpiritbeadNW Collection

SpiritbeadNW offers a beautiful collection of vintage sterling silver rings, Native American, traditional Navajo, and Zuni rings, wedding bands, Claddagh and animal rings, men’s biker bands and spinners, sterling silver poison rings, thumb bands, pinky, spoon, and Art Deco rings. Each piece is carefully selected for its quality and uniqueness, reflecting the company's commitment to offering only the best to its customers. The collection is a testament to the company's dedication to preserving the artistry and craftsmanship of jewelry making.


From its humble beginnings as a local vendor to its current status as a popular online jewelry store, SpiritbeadNW has remained true to its roots. The company continues to offer unique, high-quality jewelry at unbeatable prices, reflecting its dedication to customer satisfaction and its passion for the artistry of jewelry. As SpiritbeadNW looks to the future, it carries with it the spirit of its past, a testament to its enduring commitment to quality and customer service.
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