Claddagh ring sterling silver pink crystal St Patrick's Day variety of sizes


Claddagh ring w pink crystal St Patrick's Day gift pinky baby friendship band love  


Comes in the following sizes : Message me and clearly state what size ring you would like to purchase for your order Size 2      For a Two year old or so    1 gram 

Size 1/2   For a newborn baby     weight  1 grams

Size 2      For a Two year old or so    weight 1 grams 

Size 3      Variety of ages & pinky ring for women   weight  .9 gram 

Size 4      Weight .9 grams

Size 4.75         Between a 4.75 to s size 5    weight 1.2 grams

Size 5       weight   1.1grams

Size 6.25   weight 1.1grams

Size 6.50  weight  1.1 grams

Size 9.5    weight 1.2grams 


All rings are the following dimensions:

Widest part of ring (length of front)    1/4" 

Thinnest part of ring (Back band)        3/32"


Free Shipping and Postal Insurance

Delivered in a Gift Box